Hello Everyone!

So there were reports that thumbnails were not being generated by the application. Of course, thumbnails are key to using the application as nothing describes a video or image as well as a thumbnail. Thumbnail generation is accomplished by using the libraries provided by NReco (VideoConverter and VideoInfo), and the fix has been implemented in version 1.3.3 which can be downloaded here


The crux of the issue centered around how the NReco libraries work. When a user loads an application using the NReco libraries, one of the first things they do is extract FFProbe and FFMpeg to a folder which they then use to carry out their duties. Unless set by the developer, this folder defaults to where the application is being run from. It’s at this point the problem occurs, because the application is generally stored in the Program Files directory, which is non-writable, meaning that the NReco libraries can’t find their dependencies and no thumbnails are created.

Signs of this problem can be seen in the logfile by this line:

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Clip Curator\ffprobe.exe' is denied

To resolve this issue, and allow thumbnail generation to occur, the developer has to set the FFMpegToolPath of the FFMpegConverter object and ToolPath of the FFProbe object. Something like this whereby {WritablePath} is where the application and user have write privileges, generally in the %localappdata% folder:

var probe = new FFProbe();
probe.ToolPath = {WritablePath};


var ffProbe = new FFProbe();
ffProbe.ToolPath = {WritablePath};

One thing to keep in mind is that if the folder doesn’t exist, then it won’t automatically be created, so be sure to test the existence of and create the folder if need be.

-Clip Curator