Clip Curator

The premier
adult material organizer.

Keep track and maintain your adult collection. Tag, Rate, Favorite and Search your items without ever losing track of them again.


Manage your files

With Clip Curator, you can keep track of your files collection. Clip Curator will track changes and reflect them with no user intervention

Create Catalogs

Create catalogs for use as a virtual library management system. Use stickers to further describe your items and their importance.

Attach Stickers

Use stickers to quickly label and describe your favorite media. These stickers can be applied to folders, catalogs and even the files themselves. Use the Advanced Search interface to find media that matches a particular sticker.

Collection Stats

View the statistics concerning your collection.

Rate Your Media

Assign ratings to your media. Keep track of your favorite (or least favorite) files, folders and catalogs.

Track Your Blue Ribbon Favorites

Track your favorites with a blue ribbon. Assign or remove a blue ribbon as your tastes and collection evolves.

Simple Search

Use the Simple Search interface to quickly find items in your collection

Advanced Search

Use a variety of file and catalog properties to find your favorite items.